Minimize SSTI A/B Antenna Phase Center Variations (ANTEX)

Antenna Phase Center variations (PCVs) are available for both Main (SSTI-A) and Redundant (SSTI-B) antennas.
PCVs are delivered in ANTEX format v1.3

GOCE SSTI-A PCVs data have been generated from 154 days in 2009.
GOCE SSTI-B PCVs data are generated from the available data in 2010-2012.

The current versions use the reprocessed GPS orbits and clocks in the IGS08 reference frame.
Values are derived for the ionosphere-free linear combination and are filled in for both frequencies.

PCVs values are generated with the residual approach, described in:
A. Jaeggi, Dach R., Montenbruck O., Hugentobler U., Bock H. and Beutler, G. (2009),
Phase center modeling for LEO GPS receiver antennas and its impact on precise orbit determination
Journal of Geodesy, 10.1007/s00190-009-0333-2.

The ANTEX files have been compiled by H. Bock and A. Jaeggi from the Astronomical Institute, University of Bern (AIUB).

Data available:

GOCE SSTI-A (Main)               PCVs in ANTEX format
GOCE SSTI-B (Redundant)   PCVs in ANTEX format

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