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Swarm DISC Organisation

Swarm DISC Project Office

The overall management of the Swarm DISC is done by the Swarm DISC Project Office, located at DTU Space (Denmark). It consists of:

  • The Executive (EXE), responsible towards ESA and the DAB for the overall scientific management of Swarm DISC;
  • The Project Manager (PM), responsible for the overall management and coordination of Swarm DISC activities, ensuring the timely fulfilment of all contractual obligations. He is also responsible for the overall management of the subcontracts;
  • The System Manager (SM), responsible for the overall management and coordination of the Swarm DISC technical activities;
  • The New Procurements Manager (NPM), responsible for the coordination of all activities and adherence to all procedures related to the procurement of new Swarm products and services, and for the management of the subcontracts for these new activities.

Swarm DISC Advisory Board (DAB)

The Swarm DISC Advisory Board (DAB) advice the Swarm DISC EXE in the work done by DISC, with the goal of enhancing the scientific return of the Swarm satellite mission.

Members consist of representative(s) from the Swarm DISC scientific partners and from ESA. The DAB chairman is nominated by the DAB; the board is presently chaired by David Knudsen (UoC).

The role of the Swarm DAB team is to give scientific advice regarding questions like introducing new Swarm data products and services, and "the way to go".