Minimize CryoSat IPF processing baseline

The table below provides information on the current version of the Instrument Processing Facilities, which are generating operational CryoSat Ice and Ocean data.

Further information on the historic IPF baseline for CryoSat, for each IPF, can be found by clicking on the links in the table.

Processor Date IPF version Further information on changes and historic baseline
Ice Processor L1 27/05/2019
IPF1 vN1.1
NRT IPF1 vN1.1
(FDM vM3.0)
IPF1 Ice Processor Historic Baseline
Ice Processor L2 27/05/2019
IPF2 vN1.1.1
NRT IPF2 vN1.0
(FDM vM3.0)
IPF2 Ice Processor Historic Baseline
Ocean Processor L1 27/05/2019 COP-IPF1 v3.7 IPF1 Ocean Processor Historic Baseline
Ocean Processor L2 27/05/2019 COP-IPF2 v3.9 IPF2 Ocean Processor Historic Baseline