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The enormous permafrost areas of the world show seasonal change which has impact on not only vegetation and hydrological cycles, but also on the planning and safety of huge gas and oil pipelines which traverse these areas.

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CryoSat reveals recent Greenland ice loss

12 July 2016

In the most detailed picture to date, information from ESA's CryoSat satellite reveals how melting ice in Greenland has recently contributed twice as much to sea-level rise as the prior two decades.

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Arctic lakes show climate on thin ice

03 February 2014

Ice in northern Alaska's lakes during winter months is on the decline. Twenty years of satellite radar imagery show how changes in our climate are affecting high-latitude environments.

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Earth at your fingertips

12 December 2012

The wonders and glory of our planet are just a few clicks away. Download ESA's first iBook and start discovering Earth from a new perspective.

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Signs of thawing permafrost revealed from space

27 March 2012

Satellites are seeing changes in land surfaces in high detail at northern latitudes, indicating thawing permafrost. This releases greenhouse gases into parts of the Arctic, exacerbating the effects of climate change.

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SMOS detects freezing soil as winter takes grip

15 December 2011

ESA's SMOS satellite is designed to observe soil moisture and ocean salinity, but this innovative mission is showing that it can also offer new insight into Earth's carbon and methane cycles by mapping soil as it freezes and thaws...

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Antarctic ice sheet assures SMOS accuracy

02 December 2011

A remarkable ESA campaign in one of the remotest regions on Earth has been fundamental in ensuring that the SMOS mission is delivering reliable data to improve our understanding of Earth's water cycle...

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Greenland and the Netherlands look to CryoSat for answers on ice

17 October 2011

As the impact of climate change is felt in the Arctic, ESA's CryoSat ice mission is highlighted as a source of vital information at an exhibition in the...

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ESA Arctic ice campaign takes off

08 April 2011

To guarantee ESA's CryoSat mission is delivering the best data possible, scientists have set out on a major expedition to the Arctic...

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Tracking Vegetation Responses to Climate in the Alaskan Arctic: Feedback Report

02 February 2010

The Woods Hole Research Center, The University of Alaska (Fairbanks), and the Cherskii Northeast Science Station in Russia, are working together on a project using SPOT imagery to study vegetation responses to climate change in the Alaskan and Siberian Arctic. The imagery was donated through Planet Action.

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Monitoring of gas pipelines state in Western Siberia using spaceborne SAR interferometry, ...

06 December 2006

The goal of the report is a discussion of the results of ERS and ENVISAT INSAR data analysis with a goal of monitoring the state of gas...