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    Date of Launch:
    15 June 2007
    Mission Status:
    Operating nominally
    Orbit Height:
    514 km at equator
    TerraSAR-X ESA archive
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    Last update: 6 August 2019

    The TerraSAR-X ESA archive collection is a dataset of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X products that ESA collected over the years with worldwide coverage. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new products.

    TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X Image Products can be acquired in 6 image modes with flexible resolutions (from 0.25m to 40m) and scene sizes. Thanks to different polarimetric combinations and processing levels the delivered imagery can be tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the application.

    The following list delineates the characteristics of the SAR imaging modes that are disseminated under ESA Third Party Missions (TPM).

    • StripMap (SM): Resolution 3 m, Scene size 30x50 km2 (up to 30x1650 km2)
    • SpotLight (SL): Resolution 2 m, Scene size 10x10 km2
    • Staring SpotLight (ST): Resolution 0.25m, Scene size 4x3.7 km2
    • High Resolution SpotLight (HS): Resolution 1 m, Scene size 10x5 km2
    • ScanSAR (SC): Resolution 18 m, Scene size 100x150 km2 (up to 100x1650 km2)
    • Wide ScanSAR (WS): Resolution 40 m, Scene size 270x200 km2 (up to 270x1500 km2).

    The following list briefly delineates the available processing levels for the TerraSAR-X dataset:

    • SSC (Single Look Slant Range Complex) in DLR-defined COSAR binary format
    • MGD (Multi Look Ground Range Detected) in GeoTiff format
    • GEC (Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected) in GeoTiff format
    • EEC (Enhanced Ellipsoid Corrected in GeoTiff format.
    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Processing level

    How to access this data
    Data are available online upon fast registration.


    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESA's Third Party Missions scheme


    TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X technical documentation