Minimize Registration & Abstract submission

Please use the online system to:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Register to attend the Symposium
  3. Create and modify abstract(s) in English
  4. Up-load pdf(s) of abstracts in Chinese (this can be done in MS Word, then up-load the .pdf version to your user account).

Please note, after completion of each of the actions 1 to 3, you should receive auto-generated emails with confirmations.

For European scientists

We kindly request you to generate and send a .pdf of your abstract in English to your Chinese partners, and for the Chinese partners to translate it and send back the abstract in Chinese (.pdf). European scientists may then up-load the abstract in Chinese as well using their own user account.

For Chinese scientists

Please enter your abstract in English and following, please up-load a .pdf version of your abstract in Chinese to your user area.