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ESA/CSO Radar Remote Sensing Course
27-31 October 2008


On 27-31 October 2008 ESA and the Czech Space Office (CSO) jointly organised a training course in Radar Remote Sensing, held in the Charles University in Prague. The objectives of the course were to train Czech and PECS professional engineers and scientists on the state of the art in radar interferometry (InSAR), both processing and applications: topography and ground displacement measurements. The other objective was to provide hands-on experience with techniques and software used for interferometric processing with examples and exercises.

Introductory Presentations

- Introduction to the Course

- The Earth Observation Programmes of ESA

- Introduction to SAR Applications

- Introduction to Radar Interferometry

- ESA Earth Observation Data Access

Radar Course

Presentations from Ramon Hanssen, Delft University of Technology

- Radar, SAR, InSAR; a First Introduction

- InSAR (part 2)

Presentations from Fabio Rocca, Politecnico di Milano

- Introduction to Interferometry

- Focusing, the Spectral Shift, Sources of Noise, Coherence

- Phase Unwrapping and DEM Generation; Multibaseline Tomography

- DInSAR and Permanent Scatterers

- A Complete Sequence of SAR Data Processing for Terrain Motion Measurements


Mapping of Czech Flood in March-April 2006: a Practical Exercise Using ERDAS

DEM and DInSAR Exercise Over Ostrava, using the DORIS Software

The ESA imagery used for these exercises can also be downloaded from the EOLI catalogue.

Other Presentations

- Terrafirma Results Over the Czech Republic