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EO Training During ISRSE
25-29 June 2007


A short training course was held during the 32nd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Environment (ISRSE), which took place on June 25th - 29th 2007 in San Jose, Costa Rica. The training included instruction in basic Earth Observation techniques (geometric correction of satellite images, classification and change detection) using the ESA and UNESCO software toolboxes.

The training involved the following exercises:

Exercise 1: Processing of ENVISAT MERIS FR image using the BEAM software.

Exercise 2: Classification of PROBA CHRIS image using the LEOWorks software tooblox, the EOLI catalogue and Google Earth.

Exercise 3: Geometric correction of ENVISAT ASAR WSM image to geocoded Landsat ETM panchromatic image using Bilko software.

Exercise 4: Change detection of the city of San Jose using Landsat imagery and the LEOWorks software.

Click here to download the toolkit

The ESA imagery can also be downloaded from the EOLI catalogue.