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ASAR Training Course, Hanoi
25 February - 07 March 2008


From 25 February to 07 March 2008 ESA organised an ASAR training course in Hanoi, Vietnam with the following objectives:

  • To train Vietnamese professional engineers and scientists on the state of the art in remote sensing (focussing on radar)
  • To enable a better understanding of the key concepts of the ESA Envisat missions, in particular with respect to the applications enabled by the ASAR instrument for environment, vegetation monitoring, hazard mapping, topography and subsidence monitoring
  • To provide hands-on experience with techniques (and tools) used for the exploitation of ERS and Envisat data, including radar interferometry

Day 1

Introduction to Course

The Envisat Mission

Introduction to ERS

Flood Mapping and Monitoring Exploiting ESA and Third Party Missions

Radar Basics

Introduction: Radar Application in Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Day 2

Internal Waves

SAR and Optical (MERIS) Remote Sensing for Marine Applications

Day 3

SAR Imaging of Moving Objects (Including Ships and Ocean Surface Waves)

SAR Principles of Oil Spill Detection

Exercise: The ESA Toolbox for SAR and ASAR: BEST

Day 4

Exercise: Practical on Rapid Mapping Exploiting ESA Missions

The ESA imagery used for this exercise can also be downloaded from the EOLI catalogue.

Day 5

Earth Observation Capabilities for Disaster Monitoring in Vietnam - Focus on Floods

Rapid Mapping Exploiting ESA and Third Party Missions

Day 6

ESA Data Access

ASAR, MERIS and AATSR Products

The MERIS Instrument

Exercise: MERIS Processing Using the BEAM Software

The ESA imagery used for this exercise can also be downloaded from the EOLI catalogue.

Day 7

Introduction to Radar Interferometry

Satellite Radar Interferometry

Introduction to InSAR

BAM Earthquake Article

Day 8

Interferometric Processing with DORIS 1

Interferometric Processing with DORIS 2 

Radar Images

Day 9

Noise Sources in Radar Interferometry

Phase Unwrapping and DEM Generation

Day 10

Spectral Shift and Differential Interferometry 

Exercise: Test to Evaluate Understanding of Course

Answers to Vietnam