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Visioterra VtCryoSat Tool

VtCryoSat is a new ESA tool developed by VisioTerra (France) in order to easily browse and download CryoSat products through an interactive and graphical web interface.

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SMOS Data Viewer (SDV)

The SMOS Data Viewer (SDV) provides a quick and easy way to view SMOS products and the SMOS auxiliary files used for Level 1 and Level 2 product generation. It is also useful for understanding the structure and contents of the products. SMOSView enables a user to decode and display data from SMOS products, display the product contents as images or graphs and export the data to a number of alternative formats. Ease of use is emphasised through its simple Graphical User Interface, designed for data exploration and visualisation.

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The HEDAVI (HEritage DAta Visualisation) service enables users to discover a wealth of heritage data from ESA's ERS and Envisat missions, as well as from Landsat-5 and Landsat-7, two important heritage Third Party missions at ESA, through ESA's heritage data programme ‘LTDP'.

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SMOS-BOX - Sentinel-3 Toolbox

The Sentinel-3 Toolbox consists of a rich set of visualisation, analysis and processing tools for the exploitation of OLCI and SLSTR data from the upcoming Sentinel-3 mission.

As a multi-mission remote sensing toolbox, it also supports the ESA missions Envisat (MERIS & AATSR), ERS (ATSR), SMOS as well as third party data from MODIS (Aqua and Terra), Landsat (TM), ALOS (AVNIR & PRISM) and others.

The various tools can be run from an intuitive desktop application or via a command-line interface.

A rich application programming interface allows for development of plugins using Java or Python.

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Sentinel Toolboxes

ESA is developing free open source toolboxes for the scientific exploitation of the Sentinel missions. The toolboxes are inheriting functionality of historical toolboxes developed over the last 10 years and support also a range of National and Third Party Missions.

The toolboxes have been conceived to host new functionalities developed by the scientific community in the future. In addition the toolboxes have been specified to be portable on a cloud infrastructure. The toolboxes will be also widely used for training next generation scientists to the scientific exploitation of Sentinel data and multi-mission data.

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The GOCEXML2ASCII parser is a very fast and memory-efficient XML to ASCII converter for GOCE level 2 EGG_NOM and SST_PSO data.

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GOCEPARSER is an easy-to-use tool for extracting the GOCE level 1b and level 2 data from the XML products into a plain text file in columnar format.

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VTGoce displays surfaces for gridded data on a virtual globe, using sophisticated rendering techniques.

VTGoce provides a set of user-friendly tools enabling the visualisation of gravity anomalies and other elevation grids such as geoids, DEMs, or bathymetry, geoid height errors and mean dynamic topographies.

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SCoT (SMOS Comparison Tool)

The SMOS Comparison Tool (SCoT) can be used to compare level 1 SMOS products of the same type generated with the same schema version for the Data Blocks (DBL). It has been designed to be used by the SMOS Calibration Expert Centre (CEC), the Expert Support Laboratories (ESL) and the Calibration and Validation teams to facilitate the comparison of level 1 products generated with different L1 processor configurations or algorithm baselines. The tools requires a Linux Operative System, the installation of the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) included in the delivery kit or a licensed version of Matlab (v7.5 or above) and the XML RW API to read the SMOS level 1 products.

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GMT (SMOS - Global Mapping Tool)

The SMOS Global Mapping Tool (GMT) is useful for plotting the SMOS data into a single global geographical map. The GMT is also able to visualise additional quantities derived from SMOS data (i.e. first Stokes parameter) and to filter data based on the quality flag available in the SMOS products. The tool requires a Linux Operative System and the installation of the IDL virtual machine.

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CryoSat Matlab routines

The following Matlab routines read the L1b, L2 and L2I CryoSat products.

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ODESA (Optical Data processor of the European Space Agency)

The ODESA system intends to provide the users a complete level 2 processing environment for the MERIS instrument as well as for the future ESA optical sensors on board Sentinel-3. ODESA supplies the user community with the MERIS Ground Segment development platform MEGS®, including source code, embedded in an efficient framework for testing and for validation activities.

Validation facilities include match-up processing & analysis, data set selection & analysis, level 3 products generation & analysis and the possibility to perform remote processing, e.g. for testing purposes and for validation activities requiring large amounts of data.

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NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox)

The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is an ESA open source toolbox under the GNU GPL license for reading, processing, analysing and visualising ESA (ERS-1/2, Envisat, Sentinel-1) and other spaceborne SAR data (TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT 1-2, COSMO-SkyMed, JERS-1, ALOS PALSAR) processed to Level-1 or higher. NEST 5.1 release is now freely available for download on the NEST website.

This update adds InSAR optimised coregistration, integrated phase unwrapping, and support for ERS/Envisat cross interferometry.

This may likely be the last update to NEST before its major evolution with the Sentinel-1 Toolbox release in September 2014.

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Basic ERS & Envisat (A) ATSR and Meris Toolbox (BEAM)

BEAM is an open-source toolbox and development platform for viewing, analysing and processing of remote sensing raster data. Originally developed to facilitate the utilisation of image data from Envisat's optical instruments, BEAM now supports a growing number of other raster data formats such as GeoTIFF and NetCDF as well as data formats of other EO sensors such as MODIS, AVHRR, AVNIR, PRISMCHRIS/Proba and SMOS.
The BEAM website also includes a user forum.
The current release is 4.10.

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Atmospheric Toolbox

The Atmospheric Toolbox aims to provide scientists with tools for ingesting, processing, and analyzing atmospheric remote sensing data. The toolbox consists of several software components, with the main components being CODA, HARP, VISAN, and QDOAS. Some of the data supported by the Toolbox are products from satellite instruments such as Tropomi (Sentinel-5P), Aeolus, GOME-2 (MetOp), and OMI (Aura). But the toolbox also supports model data such as CAMS and data from grounds based instruments such as provided by EVDC.

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Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT)

The Broadview Radar Altimetry Tutorial and Toolbox is an online tutorial containing an extensive explanation on what is altimetry, the techniques used and examples of usage of altimetry data in several different fields of research. Besides the tutorial, there is a software package (the Toolbox) which allows reading, processing and visualizing altimetry data from several different altimetry missions (e.g. ERS-1 and 2, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat Follow-on, Jason-1, Envisat, Jason-2, CryoSat, Sentinel-3, and more).

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EOLDAS software allows the optimal estimation of (mainly land surface, mainly vegetation) state variables (e.g. quantifying how much vegetation there is at a particular time and place) from remote radiometric (Earth Observation) data.

The Current release is: Prototype

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PolSARpro 6.0 BIO

PolSARpro 6.0 BIO is a toolbox for the scientific exploitation of polarimetric SAR data and a tool for high-level education in radar polarimetry.

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GOCE User Toolbox (GUT)

The GOCE User Toolbox GUT is a compilation of tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products. GUT supports applications in Geodesy, Oceanography and Solid Earth Physics.
The GUT Tutorial provides information and guidance on how to use the toolbox for a variety of applications. GUT consists of a series of advanced computer routines that carry out the required computations. It may be used on Windows PCs, UNIX/Linux Workstations, and Mac.

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CryoSat User Tool (CUT)

The CryoSat User Tool (CUT) is a Windows stand-alone application for displaying and downloading CryoSat products from remote FTP servers or from local directories. It has an intuitive graphical user interface allowing for simultaneous product visualisation geographically on a 3D world map and temporally on a Gantt chart. The tool can be customised and products can be filtered.

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GOCE Level-1b Matlab Readers

Simple Matlab routines may be built to read the Level-1b GOCE products.

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Software Routines

Software routines written in ANSI C and IDL that can be used to read the L1b and L2 CryoSat products.

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GOCE L1b-L2 XML Parser

GOCE Level-1b and Level-2 data conforms to the GOCE EEF format, which is based on XML. This L1b-L2 XML parser is made available to the GOCE user community to import data into existing applications, by transforming the products in EEF format into another existing format.

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CryoView is a tool capable of opening and decoding CryoSat data. It then displays the contents as tables, graphs or as images as appropriate.

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ECMWF BUFR Decoding Tables (Envisat)

The following tables are provided by the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) to be used with the BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological data) decoding software.

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An updated version of AMORGOS - AMORGOS4.0p1 - has been released.
It is now compatible with all MERIS products versions generated by IPF 5 and 6.

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HDFclean V2

HDFclean is a program for reprocessing images stored in the HDF file format (Hierarchical Data Format): the intended use is to tidy up images of the Earth captured by the CHRIS hyper-spectral imager onboard the PROBA satellite.

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SciaL1C Command-line Tool

For the release of the new SCIAMACHY Level 1b dataset version 8, the application tool SciaL1c has been revised and a new version of the tool (3.2) is provided here.

The SciaL1c tool is an application provided to the users of the SCIAMACHY Level 1b products.

This application allows to select specific calibrations to apply to SCIAMACHY Level 1b data, which are defined as not fully calibrated Level 0 channel information in combination with calculated calibration data.

The generated Level 1c products are suitable for the user's particular applications.

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Envisat L2 RA2-MWR Products Read and Write Software

Here you will find a programs that will enable you to read and write L2 Envisat altimetry products - V 1.0.3 and a user manual.

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ESOV Software Tools (ESOV NG)

ESOV - the Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualisation tool - provides users with the means to visualise the instrument swaths of all ESA Earth Observation Satellites and assist in understanding where and when satellite measurements are made and ground contact is possible.

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CFI Software

The CFI software is a collection of multiplatform precompiled C libraries for timing, coordinate conversions, orbit propagation, satellite pointing calculations, and target visibility calculations. This software is made available by the Envisat project to any user involved in the Envisat mission preparation/exploitation. The only constraint on the user side is to fill in and send a formal registration form.

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Procedure and script to read Envisat products from exabyte

tape_reader.ksh is a Korn shell script which may be used to extract Envisat products supplied on exabyte tapes.

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LBR CEOS Tape Reader Software

Reading LBR CEOS Exabyte data set file with the output of the CEOS information (applicable to products up to 1995)

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LBR Software - OPRHD

Reading LBR CEOS Exabyte data set file with the output of the CEOS information

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Decoding ERS FD LBR Data from WMO FM BUFR format

The ERS-2 Low Bit Rate Fast Delivery products are transmitted over the WMO GTS using a special Buffer format. (UNIX/VMS)

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ATSR Conversion Tables

Instructions for calibrating the data received from the ATSR instruments.

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Reader for ATSR products

Readers for ATSR products in SADIST format

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SAR CEOS Software

To read and write ERS SAR exabyte product annotations and ERS SAR CD product annotations

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SAR Reference Coverage CD Raw Format Converter

A more powerful version of the "TORAW" program to convert SAR low resolution images from the ERS-1 SAR Reference CD to "Raw" format.

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Flight- & Ground-Time Correlation

The correlation between the satellite time (SBT) and the corresponding UTC time on the Earth.

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Landsat TM Software

Reading TM Exabyte product annotations with output to display or file and reading TM CD product annotations

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Reader of the CEOS annotations for the JERS1 SAR CEOS tape products

Reading the CEOS annotations of the JERS1 SAR CEOS tape products (DETEC., RAW, COMPLEX, GEC)