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Software Routines

This page provides some ingestion routines written in ANSI C and IDL that can be used to read the L1b and L2 CryoSat products.

The routines have been kindly provided by UCL/MSSL. Any problems and bugs shall be reported to the EO Helpdesk.

More detailed documentation and examples are contained in the *.tgz archive. Any new updates to the software and to the documentation will be posted on this page.

Download version 2.3 (TGZ 1.3 MB)

Version 2.3 of the tool corrects two bugs with the IDL procedure, which had affected reading Baseline-C GDR products.

Version 2.2 of the tool corrects an issue with reading Level 2 GDR products and expands utility functions for users.

Version 2.1 of the tool added the ability to read the Baseline B and C CryoSat products.


Previous versions:

Note on release 1.1: this release adds support for 64 bit machines and fixes a problem with the variable uj_Quality_F being defined incorrectly as 16-bit rather than 32-bit. Also, some variable names were slightly altered so that they reflect the type of variable.

Download version 1.1 (TGZ 13.5MB)

Download version 1.0