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13 December 1993

New set of ERS-1 INSAR images has been loaded in GDS. These images have been provided by RSL.


09 November 1993

Examples of SAR Quicklooks Application in the Oceanographic field have been added in the GDS. These are part of the ERS-1 SAR Reference Coverage CD.


03 November 1993

New versions of the INSAR Orbit Listings for the Multi-disciplinary Phase of ERS-1 are provided now which are reaching up to September 1993.

DESC Software is online

14 October 1993

The ERS On-line server set up at ESRIN enables DESC users to download the updated DESC files. Information about this service is now available on GDS.

DESC new version

13 October 1993

A new updated version of the DESC: Display ERS-1 SAR Coverage User Guide is available. The new material is also included in GDS (see ERS-1 Server: Display ERS-1 SAR Coverage (DESC)

New document online

07 October 1993

A new updated version of the (ESA SP-1148) is ready for distribution now. The new material is also included in GDS (see ERS-1 Product Descriptions, The ERS Services, Ordering ERS-1 Products).

New documents in IRS

01 October 1993

Two WAIS sources relevant for ERS-1 users are provided by ESA-IRS: an ERS-1 Bibliography (abstracts) and ERS-1 Principal Investigators' Reports (do "word query" or "search keyword" on both of them).

ATSR applications examples made available by RAL

30 September 1993

An interesting collection of colourful ATSR/M application examples has been provided by Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, UK.

New document online

28 September 1993

The brochure ERS-1 500 Days in Orbit, now also on-line in GDS, includes nice colour images (for download) of many places in the world.


27 September 1993

A new collection of documents and images about and from the ERS-1 FRINGE SAR Interferometry Working Group is available, including the ERS-1 INSAR Orbit Listings of matching SAR image pairs of the whole ERS-1 mission.

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