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ESAR OADS system maintenance on 10 February 2020

10 February 2020

Due to a planned system maintenance, the ESAR OADS catalogue is foreseen to be down for an estimated duration of 60 minutes on 10 February from 09:00 CET.

Bulk Dissemination service unavailable on ESAR OADS

07 February 2020

The Bulk Dissemination service on ESAR OADS is currently unavailable.

2011 CryoSat Ice Baseline D reprocessed data available

07 February 2020

We are pleased to inform the CryoSat scientific community that the reprocessed CryoSat Ice Baseline D data for all of 2011 has been published on the Science Server and is available for download.

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Space key to wetland conservation

05 February 2020

Wetlands worldwide are vanishing at an alarming rate. New maps produced by ESA's GlobWetland Africa project show how satellite observations can be used for the effective use and management of wetlands in Africa.

EO CAT – Data search available again

04 February 2020

The technical issue affecting the data search feature on the ESA EO Catalogue (EO CAT) has now been resolved.

EO Help service temporarily unreachable via telephone - resolved

31 January 2020

The issue affecting the EOHelp telephone line has now been resolved.

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Sentinel-6 satellite renamed in honour of renowned US scientist

28 January 2020

ESA, NASA, the European Commission, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have renamed the upcoming Sentinel-6A satellite after Earth scientist Dr Michael H. Freilich.

EO CAT - Data search temporarily unavailable

28 January 2020

Due to technical issues, the data search feature and relevant filters are currently unavailable on the ESA EO Catalogue (EO CAT).

Work is on-going to solve the issue as soon as possible.


ESA Announcement of Opportunity for Planet – PlanetScope and SkySat

28 January 2020

ESA offers an opportunity for scientists and researchers to access Planet data (Planetscope and SkySat) products for science and applications development within ESA's Third Party Mission programme.

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CryoSat sheds new light on Antarctica’s biggest glacier

27 January 2020

Ice loss from Pine Island Glacier has contributed more to sea-level rise over the past four decades than any other glacier in Antarctica. However, the way this huge glacier is thinning is complex, leading to uncertainty about how it is likely to raise sea level in the future. Thanks to ESA's CryoSat mission, scientists have now been able to shed new light on these complex patterns of ice loss.

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