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As part of ESA's Earth Observation Ground Segment Department, RSS has the mission to provide tools and services that can help the EO community in exploiting the EO data, the researchers in developing applications and the service providers in generating value added information.
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Online Survey on the ESA Research and Service Support (RSS) service

30 May 2014

RSS users are kindly requested to participate in a brief online survey (10 questions) aimed at collecting feedback on the ESA Research and Service Support (RSS) service, in order to identify possible service enhancements and new user requirements, also in light of the new ESA missions. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. In order to participate in the RSS Customer Survey 2014, users need to log in using their own ESA EO-SSO credentials.

G-POD "Publish To Cloud" Beta feature

22 October 2013

As part of G-POD Cloud-oriented enhancements, it is now possible for all registered G-POD users to request access to the beta version of the GPOD "Publish to Cloud" service, which enables the direct publication of G-POD processing results to cloud storage services. Currently, the service supports Google Drive and Dropbox.

G-POD successfully migrated to ESA EO Single Sign-On

16 October 2013

On 14 October, G-POD was successfully migrated as planned to the new ESA Single Sign-On system (EO-SSO). Registered users can log in by using their EO SSO account.

New users interested in accessing G-POD are invited to follow the EO SSO registration.


NEST 4C-1.1 now available on RSS G-POD

01 March 2013

NEST 4C-1.1 release has been integrated into the RSS Grid Processing On-Demand (G-POD) environment and made available to all G-POD registered users.

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Using G-POD for processing SMOS data - Permanent call for proposals

01 October 2012

G-POD is a partnership opportunity for conducting Earth Science research activities through the use of the ESA Earth Observation (EO) Grid Processing-on-Demand (G-POD) environment, part of the ESA Research and Service Support service.

Within this framework, ESA opens the G-POD SMOS permanent call for proposals.

New SSE Service: ASPS Soil Moisture Product selection and download

05 September 2012

The first global soil moisture product derived from the Active Microwave Instrument (AMI) on-board the European Remote Sensing satellites 1 and 2 (ERS-1 / 2) was released in 2002.