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As part of ESA's Earth Observation Ground Segment Department, RSS has the mission to provide tools and services that can help the EO community in exploiting the EO data, the researchers in developing applications and the service providers in generating value added information.
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New RSS CloudToolbox service now available to EO data users

11 March 2015

The new RSS CloudToolbox service provides registered and authorised ESA EO-SSO users with customised virtual machines (VMs) made available on a cloud infrastructure. Thanks to high-speed network connections, these cloud VMs have fast access to the ESA RSS Datafarm archive.

The main objective of the RSS CloudToolbox service is to provide EO data users with proper resource flexibility, accessible via their own devices (PC, laptop, tablet), to easily perform their own processing. Each VM is provided with pre-installed software in accordance with user requirements (e.g. Sentinel-1 Toolbox, PolSARpro, GAMMA, DORIS, Matlab, etc).

Users are kindly requested to read the RSS CloudToolbox service description or contact for further information.