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As part of ESA's Earth Observation Ground Segment Department, RSS has the mission to provide tools and services that can help the EO community in exploiting the EO data, the researchers in developing applications and the service providers in generating value added information.
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New EO data hosted-processing offer for R&D users

07 April 2017

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ESA has opened an EO data hosted-processing offer to R&D users. The CloudEO managed service is available from the EOhopS portal.

ESA has long been supporting scientific users and developers of Earth observation applications by providing access to its own mission data and so called Third Party Mission data. Satellite acquisitions from ESA's partner agencies and from commercial data providers are made available for free upon evaluation of a project proposal.

The new offer allows scientists and R&D users also from the industrial environment to analyse commercial and Sentinel data in a powerful hosted-processing environment for their project.

The EOhopS portal incorporates major benefits for its users. The hosted processing offer by ESA allows for more flexibility through providing software, data and IT ready-to-use as a complete package, all in one platform. This makes even more data accessible for users in an easy manner. The payment for the data works with digital credits provided by ESA free of charge, which are flexibly bookable for specific amounts of time - similar to prepaid systems. This is a big advantage, since time is always crucial and external influences can continuously impact R&D projects.

Moreover, EOhopS facilitates application at ESA for specific R&D data, by providing the user with an intuitive shopping cart system within CloudEO's store of high usability through its unified interface. In addition, the data use is enabled by CloudEO's proven workbench. Processing tools like ENVI (geospatial software solution to process and analyse all types of imagery and data such as multispectral, hyperspectral, LiDAR), IDL (trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to extract meaningful visualisations out of complex numerical data) and the ESA Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) toolbox are available there. The user can also upload their own content, such as in-situ measurement data or scientific algorithms to the virtual workbench.

The following three simple steps demonstrate how to apply for valuable, free ESA data:

  • Select the products you may need on the EOhopS Store, add them to your shopping cart, and then export the shopping cart as a PDF file
  • Register at ESA, enter your project proposal and attach the exported shopping cart
  • Once your project is approved, you can log in on the EOhopS Store where you will find credits for your approved project. You can use these credits freely and select the best fitting IT, software and images for your research.

CloudEO has created the EOhopS portal to make the process of finding useful data and software easier for R&D users. The most renowned data providers of EOhopS are: SI Imaging Services, DigitalGlobe, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Harris Geospatial Solutions.

Please find out more on the CloudEO store. You can even ask for a free trial! Access to the service is granted upon project submission to ESA.