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As part of ESA's Earth Observation Ground Segment Department, RSS has the mission to provide tools and services that can help the EO community in exploiting the EO data, the researchers in developing applications and the service providers in generating value added information.
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InSAR SBAS service available on G-POD

06 November 2014

The InSAR SBAS service will be available from 10 November 2014, to interested RSS users for processing SAR data from the ESA archives. The service, based on the full P-SBAS DInSAR chain integrated by CNR-IREA and ESA RSS into the G-POD environment, requires dataset selection over a specific AOI together with parameters/thresholds setting, and allows unsupervised processing providing in output geocoded interferograms, mean deformation velocity maps and deformation time series.

Based on the expected number of users, during the first weeks, about 30 Computing Nodes will be made available to support the SBAS processing, equally shared between ESA and CNR-IREA.

However, ESA would consider the possibility to further expand the processing capacity, should the number of users interested in this service grow beyond the limit supported by the G-POD capability currently allocated.

Interested users are invited to contact for more information.