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Swarm is the fifth Earth Explorer mission approved in ESA's Living Planet Programme, and was successfully launched on 22 November 2013.

As part of the Third Party Missions programme, the e-POP instrument of the Canadian Space Agency's CASSIOPE mission joined the constellation in February 2018.

The research objectives of the Swarm mission is to provide the best-ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution as well as the electric field in the atmosphere using a constellation of 3 identical satellites carrying sophisticated magnetometers and electric field instruments.

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Updated CryoSat magnetometer data now available

05 December 2019

We are pleased announce that an improved version of the CryoSat magnetic field data (version 0102) is now available in the "#CryoSat-2" folder of the ESA FTP server.

Swarm E (CASSIOPE) precise orbits and attitude data released

04 December 2019

Precise orbits for the year 2018 and attitude quaternions for the period from January 2014 to January 2019 were produced for the CASSIOPE/e-POP, which was incorporated as the fourth element of the Swarm constellation (Swarm-Echo) in 2018. These data sets are now available on the Swarm dissemination server.

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Steve over the picket fence

27 November 2019

Strange ribbons of purple light that appeared in the sky – known as Steve – became the subject of debate in 2017, as their origins were unbeknown to scientists. Now, photographs of this remarkable phenomena have been studied to understand their exact position in the night sky.

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Tug-of-war drives magnetic north sprint

15 May 2019

As far as we know, Earth's magnetic north has always wandered, but it has recently gained new momentum and is making a dash towards Siberia at a pace not seen before. While this has some practical implications, scientists believe that this sprint is being caused by tussling magnetic blobs deep below our feet.

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Happy 6th birthday Swarm

22 November 2019

On 22 November 2013 the three ESA Swarm spacecraft were launched, and started their mission to deepen our understanding of Earth's magnetic field from the Core to the Sun. After 6 years and more than 30,000 revolutions around our planet, the Swarm triplets are in excellent health providing groundbreaking new insight into Earth's magnetic field and near-Earth space environment helping us find answers to fundamental questions about our planet.

Swarm DISC has published three new Invitations to Tender

15 November 2019

Swarm DISC has released three new Invitations to Tender for the generation of new data products, tools, and services supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission.