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SMOS Toolbox / SNAP

SMOS Toolbox provides L1C and L2 products visualisation functionalities inside the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP). To download the SMOS Toolbox/SNAP click here.


SMOS NetCDF Conversion Tool

The SMOS NetCDF Conversion Tool is a self contained command line executable to be used for batch processing of large amounts of files. It provides the same functionality of the converter available in the SMOS ToolBox/SNAP (see above).

The format of the converter products is described in detail in the SMOS NetCDF format conversion user guide available here

To download the SMOS NetCDF Conversion Tool click here.


XML Read/Write API

The XML Read/Write API is a library to access SMOS products in Earth Explorer format. The library is designed to fulfil the multi platform requirements even though some constraints may apply. More details are available in the XML Read/Write API Software User Manual and in the XML Read/Write API Release Note.

Download the XML R/W API linux64 RH7

Download the XML R/W API linux64 RH5 

Download the XML R/W API Windows XP

Download the latest version of the BinX SMOS product schema package

Download the BinX schema package release note



ESOV can only be used to view and select SMOS orbits, it does not read any data products. It allows the user to select the required SMOS orbits, for example over a certain area or point, and for a certain period of time. The resulting selection can then be exported as a list which can be used to select the corresponding SMOS data files.

Download: /web/guest/software-tools?p_r_p_564233524_assetIdentifier=esov-software-tools-esov-ng-and-esov-classic-1652



The SMOS Global Mapping Tool (GMT) is useful for plotting the SMOS data into a single global geographical map. The GMT is also able to visualise additional quantities derived from the SMOS data (i.e. first Stokes parameter) and to filter data based on the quality flag available in the SMOS products. The tool requires a Linux Operative System and the installation of the IDL application (licensed or virtual machine).

Download this tool from the GMT Software Tool web page, which also contains the latest SMOS BinX schema package.



The HDFViewer is suitable for viewing any data in HDF format, such as the SMOS L2 data.




RWAPI can be used to extract information from the L1 or L2 data files in Matlab, as it reads all products related to the retrieval of soil moisture (e.g. L1c, L2 UDP files) as well as some auxiliary data used as input for the L2 processor. It runs under 64 bits Linux and requires Matlab version 2009b or higher. There is no Windows version available.

To obtain access to the library please send an email to EOHelp.



The SMOS Comparison Tool (SCoT) can be used to compare  level 1 SMOS products of the same type generated with the same schema version for the Data Blocks (DBL). It has been designed to be used by the SMOS Calibration Expert Centre (CEC), the Expert Support Laboratories (ESL) and the Calibration and Validation teams to facilitate the comparison of level 1 products generated with  different L1 processor configurations or algorithm baselines.

SCoT Software Tool


SMOS Data Viewer (SDV)

The SMOS Data Viewer (SDV) provides a quick and easy way to view SMOS products and the SMOS auxiliary files used for Level 1 and Level 2 product generation. It is also useful for understanding the structure and contents of the products. SMOSView enables a user to decode and display data from SMOS products, display the product contents as images or graphs and export the data to a number of alternative formats. Ease of use is emphasised through its simple Graphical User Interface, designed for data exploration and visualisation.

Download: SMOS Data Viewer

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