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Accelerometer (ACC)

The Level 1b instrument processing of the Accelerometer (ACC) is described in [AD-7] and briefly repeated here.

Algorithm overview

The intrinsic ACC processing is described in [AD-11], cf. Appendix L in [AD-7]. The Level 1a data comprising the acceleration vectors (linear and rotational) in engineering units (eu) and the required house-keeping information (e.g. temperatures and polarization voltage) in physical units. The Level 1a data shall (optionally, i.e. user selectable) be stored as Level 1a Products.

The processing of Level 1a data to Level 1b ACC data is sketched in the Figure below.

Figure 8: ACC processing overview

ACC processing overview

It consists of the following tasks:

  • Correct for delays
  • Identification of spurious samples, flag measurements accordingly
  • Determine satellite events with possible impact on ACC measurements (e.g. thruster firing, magnetic torquer operation, heater switching) and flag ACC measurements accordingly
  • Conversion of ACC measurements (and their linear estimates) from engineering units (eu) to physical units
  • Rotation of accelerations from ACC frame to S/C frame
  • Calculate and possibly (depending on processor configuration) apply correctional terms

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