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Countdown to the Living Planet Symposium

01 February 2013

With ESA's largest scientific event of the year just nine months away, the deadline for abstract submissions is fast approaching. Organised with the support of the UK Space Agency, ESA will host the Living Planet Symposium on 9-13 September in Edinburgh, UK.

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ESA Euronews: Measuring Earth's vital magnetic field

26 October 2012

Earth's magnetosphere is an invisible shield, protecting our planet from harmful solar radiation. Many living organisms - from bacteria to insects or birds - seem to rely on Earth's magnetic field to navigate.

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Swarm constellation heads north

17 February 2012

The three satellites that make up ESA's Swarm magnetic field mission were presented to the media today. Following a demanding testing programme, the satellites were displayed in the cleanroom before they are shipped to Russia for their July launch.

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Swarm: magnetic field satellites get their bearings

27 October 2011

ESA's Swarm satellites, which will unravel the complexities of Earth's magnetic shield, are being put through their paces to ensure that they will withstand the rigours of space. Marking an important milestone, the first satellite has undergone magnetic testing.

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Construction of Swarm satellites to begin

08 November 2007

Understanding more about the Earth's magnetic field has just come one step closer now that the preliminary design and definition phase of ESA's Swarm mission is complete. In accordance with this important milestone, the project celebrates moving off the 'drawing board' and prepares for the construction of the Swarm satellite constellation.

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