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Third Call for Ideas for Swarm “New data products and services”

06 November 2018

This announcement is to solicit further ideas for "New data products and services" for enhancing the outcome of the European Space Agency's satellite constellation mission Swarm.

This call is directed at further enhancing the return on investment of the Swarm mission, now including a fourth satellite: Swarm Echo, also known as CASSIOPE/E-POP.

In particular, we invite ideas that combine Swarm measurements with data from other satellite missions.

New concepts may be based on Swarm data only, and/or merged with data from other satellites or ground-based measurements that will support Swarm. The call is not targeting scientific research, but rather the operational implementation of data products or services.

New data products may become part of the Swarm data distribution, and possibly the virtual research services VirES for Swarm, open and available to all.

Please read the full call text.

Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to submit new Swarm product/service ideas by 01 December 2018, via email to using the proposal template available on the call site.

The review by the Swarm DISC Advisory Board will mainly assess the level of maturity and the level of validation of the new product/service, and report the proposal assessment back to the respective point of contact.

The DAB will provide a consolidated recommendation to Swarm DISC and ESA for further progression of the most valuable topics through open Invitations to Tender, workshops or other means.

Please note that the present call for ideas does not imply that a contract will necessarily be placed.

Any further questions can be directed to