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Swarm DISC has published three new Invitations to Tender

15 November 2019

Swarm DISC has released three new Invitations to Tender for the generation of new data products, tools, and services supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission. The topics are:

"New Swarm Products: Along-Track Ion Drift and Effective Ion Mass" (SD-ITT-3.1)

(Closing date: 15 January 2020. Budget: 100,000 Euro for phase 1 and 75,000 Euro for the optional phase 2 pending review and approval.)

 "Estimation of the time-varying magnetic field strength in the Earth's core" (SD-ITT-3.2)

(Closing date: 1 February 2020. Budget: 200,000 Euro.)

"Extending Swarm TEC products with data from other LEO satellites" (SD-ITT-3.3)

(Closing date: 31 Janaury 2020. Budget: 100,000 Euro.)

Please visit the Swarm DISC ITT website for further information. On the website, you are welcome to sign up for the Swarm DISC notification newsletter to be notified of the publication of new ITTs, clarifications or open calls for Ideas for new data products related to the Swarm mission.