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Kompsat-1 was a high resolution optical mission of Korea launched in 1999. Through a 3rd party mission agreement, ESA makes a sample dataset of European cities available from this satellite.

The Kompsat program was initiated in 1995 as a major space investment in Korea. Its objective was the development of a national space segment in Earth observation along with an efficient infrastructure and ground segment to provide valuable services to remote sensing users in various fields of applications.

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Minimize Mission Facts and Figures
Operator KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
Date of Launch 21 December 1999
Mission Status Out of service since February 2008
Orbit Height 685 km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Circular Polar
Repeat Cycle 28 days
Resolution EOC sensor: 6.6m
Swath Width EOC sensor: 17km
Onboard Sensors provided under TPM EOC (Electro-Optical Camera)