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IKONOS was an imaging satellite of DigitalGlobe providing high-resolution imagery on a commercial basis. With IKONOS, a new era of 1m spatial resolution imagery began for spaceborne instruments in the field of civil Earth observation. The IKONOS satellite system was built by LMMS (Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space) of Sunnyvale, CA (USA).

The spacecraft operations of IKONOS were unique among the commercial imaging satellites in that they allowed each international affiliate to operate its own ground station(s). These ground stations were assigned blocks of time on the satellite during which they could directly task IKONOS, and immediately receive the downlinked imagery for which they tasked. In addition to virtually instant data receipt, this allowed each affiliate to make the best use of local weather data. However, this capability was only available when the ground station was in contact with IKONOS.

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Improved TPM online dissemination service available

09 June 2017

ESA is pleased to announce that an improved access to the collections distributed online by ESA through the Third Party Missions programme has been deployed.

Two enhanced features have been set up to ease access to these collections:

  • A TPM online access list has been created to provide users with a centralised access to all the TPM online collections dissemination systems (17 TPM collections)
  • A new online dissemination system providing a geographical catalogue, a folder tree access and a filename search has been deployed for 13 TPM collections

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Facts and figures
Operators DigitalGlobe
Date of Launch 24 September 1999
Status Decommissioned in March 2015
Orbit Height 681-709 km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous near-polar
Repeat Cycle 14 days (max)
Resolution 1 m panchromatic (0.82 m at nadir) and 4 m multispectral
Swath Width 13 - 70 km
Onboard Sensors provided under TPM OSA (Optical Sensor Assembly)