Minimize ESA Earth Observation Missions

The objective and continuous views of our planet supplied by satellite images and data provide scientists and decision makers with the information they need to understand and protect our environment. Among their many applications are monitoring the air, seas and land; providing the basis for accurate weather reports; and supplying national and international relief agencies with data when disasters strike.


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swarm in orbit

ESA's magnetic mission Swarm

The primary aim of the Swarm mission is to provide the best survey ever of the geomagnetic field and the first global representation of its variations on time scales from an hour to several years. The Swarm mission aims to help us understand the external and internal processes that contribute to the Earth's magnetic fields, as well as allowing for new and exciting studies of the lithospheric field.

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Minimize ESA EO Campaigns

During the last 25 years about 50 Earth Observation campaigns have been conducted including ground-based, air-borne, balloon-borne, ship-borne and small satellite experiments.

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Minimize ESA Mission Continuity