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The use of satellite data in the detailed study and precise measurement of the Earth's geoid in order to improve our understanding both of the Earth's interior, and dynamic topography of the world's oceans.

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CryoSat goes to sea

28 May 2012

CryoSat was launched in 2010 to measure sea-ice thickness in the Arctic, but data from the Earth-observing satellite have also been exploited for other studies. High-resolution mapping of the topography of the ocean floor is now being added to the ice mission’s repertoire.

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Mapping the Moho with GOCE

09 March 2012

The first global high-resolution map of the boundary between Earth's crust and mantle - the Moho - has been produced based on data from ESA's GOCE gravity satellite. Understanding the Moho will offer new clues into the dynamics of Earth's interior.

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Plan for the release of third-generation GOCE gravity field models

27 July 2011

Users of GOCE data are hereby informed that the target date for Release 3 of GOCE-based gravity models is 01 November 2011...

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Earth's gravity revealed in unprecedented detail

30 March 2011

After just two years in orbit, ESA's GOCE satellite has gathered enough data to map Earth's gravity with unrivalled precision...

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GOCE delivers on its promise

04 March 2011

ESA's GOCE satellite has reached its ambitious goal of mapping Earth's gravity with unprecedented precision...

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New dimensions to monitor Earth prove ever-more useful

02 February 2011

With interest growing in satellite radar techniques that provide 3D views of Earth's natural and urban environments, scientists from around the world recently gathered to review the latest findings...

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ESA missions highlighted at world's largest scientific conference

17 December 2010

Scientists from around the world have been hearing about the latest results from ESA's new GOCE, SMOS and CryoSat Earth observation missions...

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GOCE giving new insights into Earth’s gravity

29 June 2010

The first global gravity model based on GOCE satellite data has been presented at ESA's Living Planet Symposium. ESA launched GOCE in March 2009 to map Earth's gravity with unprecedented accuracy and resolution.

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Updated Mean Sea Level trend

10 June 2009

EUMETSAT Jason-2 data are now routinely used for the continuous monitoring of the global Mean Sea Level (MSL). The figure represents the MSL evolution as measured by altimetry satellites since TOPEX/Poseidon and continued by Jason-1 and now by OSTM/Jason-2. Each point is the result of one 10 days cycle measurement.

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Tests of Geoid Height Skill Through Estimates of the Ocean Circulation, March 2006

06 December 2006

New geoid height estimates are now available from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) spacecraft. Such estimates are...