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Earth Topics (Applications)
Date of Launch:
3 August 2013
Mission Status:
Operating Nominally
Orbit Height:
~500 km
Spire data familiarization phase for the Earthnet Third Party Mission programme
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Last update: 21/11/2018

ESA and Spire are pleased to announce the opportunity to freely access, up to March 2019, through the Third Party Mission program, 6 different samples of global Spire satellite data under the data familiarization phase of ESA Earthnet activities. 

The data collected by Spire has a diverse range of applications, from analysis of global trade patterns and commodity flows to aircraft routing to weather forecasting. The data also provides interesting research opportunities on topics as varied as ocean currents and GNSS-based planetary boundary layer height. 

ESA promotes this opportunity as a data familiarization phase before the potential formal integration into the Third Party Mission programme of the ESA Earthnet activities.

Spire is making available a sample of global data in a 24-hour period.  Possible applications for the full data sets include:

Data Set


Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Supply chain analysis, commodity trading, identification of illegal fishing or dark targets, ship route and fuel use optimization, analysis of global trade patterns, anti-piracy, autonomous vessel software, ocean currents

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

Fleet management, ICAO regulatory compliance, route optimization, predictive maintenance

Total Electron Content (TEC)

Ionospheric modelling

Ionospheric Scintillation Indices

GNSS position error, earthquake precursor detection

GNSS Radio Occultation (GNSS-RO)

Weather forecasting, turbulence detection, detection and monitoring of volcanic clouds, estimating planetary boundary layer height

Magnetometer Data

Earthquake precursor detection, building magnetosphere models

How to access this data
The data will be accessible directly via Spire delivery system, upon registration on their platform.
Data Set Specifications
  • Sample data for each data type