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    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    21 November 2013
    Mission Status:
    Operating nominally
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    8 km at nadir (SkySat-1 to -2)
    6.6 km at nadir (SkySat-3 to -13)
    SkySat Full Archive and New Tasking
    (4462) recent views
    Last update: 23 January 2020

    SkySat is a constellation composed 15 optical satellites operated by Planet.

    The available SkySat product suite includes the SkySat Basic Scene Product (L2B), the SkySat Orthoscene Product (L3B) and the SkySat OrthoCollect Product (L3B) in different product types, all generated from both archive and new tasking imagery.

    The SkySat Basic Scene product is uncalibrated and in a raw digital number format, not corrected for any geometric distortions inherent in the imaging process and not orthorectified. Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPCs) are provided to enable orthorectification by the user.

    The SkySat Basic Scene Product is available as "analytic" (full 12-bit B,G,R,NIR data) and "panchromatic" (12-bit PAN data) product types.

    The SkySat Ortho Scene Product is sensor- and geometrically-corrected (by using DEMs with a post spacing of between 30 and 90 meters) and is projected to a cartographic map projection; the accuracy of the product will vary from region to region based on available GCPs. Different product types are available

    • The SkySat Visual Ortho Scene product is orthorectified, pansharpened, and color-corrected (using a color curve) 3-band RGB Imagery in 8-bit format only.
    • The SkySat Analytic Ortho Scene DN product is orthorectified, multispectral BGRN, uncalibrated, digital number imagery product. The product has been processed to remove distortions caused by terrain; It eliminates the perspective effect on the ground (not on buildings), restoring the geometry of a vertical shot. Transformation to at-sensor radiance is not included
    • The SkySat Analytic Ortho Scenes are calibrated multispectral imagery products with radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts and transformation to top-of-atmosphere radiance
    • The SkySat Pansharpened Multispectral Scene product is orthorectified, pansharpened 4-band BGRN Imagery
    • The SkySat Panchromatic DN Ortho Scene product is orthorectified, panchromatic, uncalibrated, digital number imagery product. It has a finer GSD than the Analytic Product. Transformation to at-sensor radiance is not included.



    Visual Ortho

    Pansharpened Multispectral Ortho

    Analytic DN Ortho

    Panchromatic Ortho

    Analytic Ortho

    Product Components and Format

    ● Image File – GeoTIFF format
    ● Metadata File – JSON format
    ● Rational Polynomial Coefficients – Text File
    ● UDM File – GeoTIFF format

    ● Image File – GeoTIFF format
    ● Metadata File – JSON format
    ● Rational Polynomial Coefficients – Text File
    ● UDM File – GeoTIFF format


    4-band Analytic DN Image (Blue, Green, Red, NIR); 1-band Panchromatic DN Image (Pan)

    Visual: 3-band Pansharpened Image (PS Red, PS Green, PS Blue)

    Multispectral: 4-band Pansharpened Image (PS Blue, PS Green, PS Red, PS NIR)

    4-band Analytic DN Image (B, G, R, N)

    1-band Panchromatic Image

    4-band Analytic Image (B, G, R, N)

    Ground Sampling Distance (nadir)

    [SkySat-1, SkySat-2]
    ● Panchromatic: 0.86m
    ● Multispectral: 1.0m
    [SkySat-3 - SkySat-13]
    ● Panchromatic: 0.72m
    ● Multispectral: 1.0m

    ● Multispectral: 1.0 m
    ● Panchromatic: 0.72 m

    ● Multispectral: 1.0 m
    ● Panchromatic: 0.72 m

    1.0 m

    0.72 m

    1.0 m



    UTM WGS84


    <50m RMSE

    <10 m RMSE

    radiometric accuracy: +/- 5% Relative accuracy at < 10 degrees off-nadir angle

    The SkySat Consolidated Product are Ortho Collect product created by composing ~60 SkySat Ortho Scenes (Visual, Pansharpened Multispectral, Analytic DN, Panchromatic DN) along an imaging strip into segments
    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: 2013-11-13 - present
    Processing level
    Level 2b

    Level 3

    How to access this data

    Data are available after project proposal acceptance.

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESA's Third Party Missions scheme


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