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Earth Topics (Applications)
  • SAR
  • Mission
    Date of Launch:
    8 June 2007
    Mission Status:
    Operating nominally
    Orbit Height:
    619.6 km
    Orbit type:
    Circular sun-synchronous dawn-dusk
    Swath Width:
    10-200 km
    COSMO-SkyMed ESA archive
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    The COSMO-SkyMed ESA archive collection is a dataset of COSMO-SkyMed products that ESA collected over the years with worldwide coverage. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new products.

    The following list delineates the characteristics of the SAR measurement modes that are disseminated under ESA Third Party Missions (TPM).

    • STRIPMAP HIMAGE (HIM): achieving medium resolution, wide swath imaging, with swath extension ≥40 km and spatial resolution of 3x3 m2 single look.
    • STRIPMAP PINGPONG (SPP): achieving medium resolution, medium swath imaging with two radar polarization's selectable among HH, HV, VH and VV, a spatial resolution of 15 meters on a swath ≥30 km.
    • SCANSAR WIDE (SCW): achieving radar imaging with swath extension of 100x100 km2 and a spatial resolution of 30x30 m2.
    • SCANSAR HUGE (SCH): achieving radar imaging with swath extension of 200x200 km2 and a spatial resolution selectable of 100x100 m2.

    Processing Levels

    The following list briefly delineates the available processing levels for the COSMO-SkyMed dataset:

    • Level 1A - Single-look Complex Slant (SCS)
    • Level 1B - Detected Ground Multilook (MDG)
    • Level 1C - Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC)
    • Level 1D - Geocoded Terrain Corrected (GTC)
    Data Set Specifications
    Temporal coverage: 15 September 2008 - present
    Processing level
    Level 1

    How to access this data

    The collection is open for research and application development projects only to users located in the territory of ESA Member States (including Canada), in the European Commission Member States, in Africa and in China as part of the Dragon cooperation programme.

    Data are available online upon submission of a Service Request. The data access provision times are subject to the approval of the Data Distributor and may be longer than expected.

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESA's Third Party Missions scheme


    COSMO-SkyMed mission and products description