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    ADAM Surface Reflectance Database v4.0
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    Last update: 16/12/2019

    ADAM enables generating typical monthly variations of the global Earth surface reflectance at 0.1° spatial resolution (Plate Carree projection) and over the spectral range 240-4000nm.

    The ADAM product is made of gridded monthly mean climatologies over land and ocean surfaces, and of a companion API toolkit that enables the calculation of hyperspectral (at 1 nm resolution over the whole 240-4000 nm spectral range) and multidirectional reflectances (i.e. in any illumination/viewing geometry) depending on user choices.

    The ADAM climatologies that feed the ADAM calculation tools are:

    For ocean:

    • monthly chlorophyll concentration derived from SeaWiFS-OrbView-2 (1999-2009); it is used to compute the water column reflectance (which shows large spectral variations in the visible, but is insignificant in the near and mid infrared).
    • monthly wind speed derived from SeaWinds-QuikSCAT-(1999-2009); it is used to calculate the ocean glint reflectance.

    For land:

    • monthly normalized surface reflectances in the 7 MODIS narrow spectral bands derived from FondsdeSol processing chain of MOD09A1 products (derived from Aqua and Terra observations), on which relies the modelling of the hyperspectral/multidirectional surface (soil/vegetation/snow) reflectance.
    • uncertainty variance-covariance matrix for the 7 spectral bands associated to the normalized surface reflectance.

    For sea-ice:

    • Sea ice pixels (masked in the original MOD09A1 products) have been accounted for by a gap-filling approach relying on the spatial-temporal distribution of sea ice coverage provided by the CryoClim climatology for year 2005.
    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 180 N, -180 S, -90 W, 90 E
    Temporal coverage: 01/01/2005 - 31/12/2005
    Current Processor Version: 4.0
    Processing level
    Level 3

    How to access this data

    Data is available online.

    Utilisation of this data is subject to the ESA Contract condition, as described during registration and in the data disclaimer / data use policy on the ADAM website.

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESA's Third Party Missions scheme
    Data citation

    Noveltis, 2019, ADAM Surface Reflectance Database. Version 4.0.



    ADAM Database


    ADAM Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document


    ADAM, description of the web interface. Structure of the ADAM input surface database and output products


    ADAM Final Report, Contract Change request 6


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