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Proba-V – Universal Access to Information

27 September 2019

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Since 2016, the "International Day for the Universal Access to Information" is celebrated on 28 September. This day was established by UNESCO, acknowledging that infrastructure and technology development are essential elements in building knowledge societies; it aims at encouraging the adoption of ICT and open access policies as a necessary complementary dimension to the right to information.

Proba-V data is free and openly accessible through various portals. The Terrascope platform, built on the technology and expertise gained from the Mission Exploitation Platform (MEP), enables users to access, view, and analyze Proba-V data and facilitates a more efficient path from data to information and new knowledge on our planet's dynamics.

An example of a quick visualization of the Earth's land surface dynamics is shown in this Proba-V S10 time-lapse of September 2018-2019, where several features are highlighted, in particular the snow-coverage growth and decline over Asia, Eastern Europe, and North-America and the bright green colours during the North-American and European growing seasons.

proba-v time lapse