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    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    1 March 2002
    Mission Status:
    Out of service since May 2012 
    Orbit Height:
    800 km 
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    5 - 1150 km
    MIPAS geo-located and calibrated atmospheric spectra
    (2900) recent views
    Last update: 22 January 2019

    This data product covers the geo-located, spectrally and radiometrically calibrated limb emission spectra in the 685-2410 cm-1 wave number range. It comprises 5 bands: 685-980 cm-1, 1010-1180 cm-1, 1205-1510 cm-1, 1560-1760 cm-1, 1810-2410 cm-1 and covers the following spatial ranges:

    • Tangent height range: 5 to 170 km
    • Pointing range: (azimuth pointing range relative to satellite velocity vector): 160 deg - 195 deg (rearward anti-flight direction); 80 deg - 110 deg (sideward anti-Sun direction)

    The instantaneous field of view (IFOV) is 0.05230 (elevation) x 0.5230 (azimuth) deg. The length of measurement cell for an individual height step is approximately 300-500 km (dependent on tangent height and optical properties of the atmosphere). The spectral resolution spans from 0.030 to 0.035 cm-1, with a radiometric sensitivity of 4.2 to 50 nW / cm-1 / sr / cm2.

    The resolution range of the dataset is: 3 km (vertical) x 30 km (horizontal) at the tangent point.

    Please consult the Product Quality Readme file for MIPAS Level 1b IPF 8.03 before using the data.

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: 2002-07-01 - 2012-04-08
    Processing level
    Level 1b
    How to access this data

    Reprocessed Data V8

    Available from 1 July 2002 to 8 April 2012 via FTP upon registration. Details on the datasets currently distributed can be found in the MIPAS Products Availability Table.

    See related news of 22 January 2019: Envisat - MIPAS L1 dataset processed with MICAL v8.03 available online.

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions
    Auxiliary data
    MIPAS auxiliary data
    Available via SPPA


    MIPAS Level 1 v 8.03 Product Quality Readme File


    Documentation related to MIPAS data quality


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