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CryoSat geographical mode mask v4.0


Geographical Mask 4.0

Maximum extent of the regions defining the geographical mode mask of the reference mission, used during the Science Phase. In addition to the cryospheric mission, a number of regions have been added in response to the Data AO.

CryoSat is designed to acquire continuously while revolving around our planet, switching automatically to its three measurement modes according to a geographic mode mask. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (green) is operated over sea-ice areas and over some ocean basins and coastal zones. SAR Interferometric (SARIn) (purple) mode is used over steeply sloping ice-sheet margins, over some geostrophic ocean currents and over small ice caps and areas of mountain glaciers. It is also used over some major hydrological river basins. Low Resolution Mode (LRM) is operated over areas of the continental ice sheets (red), over oceans and over land not covered by other modes.

The geographical mask is converted into a weekly timeline of instrument commands by the mission planning system, taking into account the CryoSat reference orbit.

  • Download the geographical mask as .png file (zipped)
  • Download the geographical mask as .kmz file (zipped)

*Please note that .kml areas in general still suffer from a known problem when containing the geographical poles.

The files for the previous version of the Geographical Mode Mask, version 3.9, are also available to download: Geographical Mode Mask

Previous versions of the Mode Mask, dating back to November 2010, are available in the archive.