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    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    1 March 2002
    Mission Status:
    Out of service since May 2012 
    Orbit Height:
    800 km 
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    5 - 1150 km
    AATSR Averaged Surface Temperature (AST) Product
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    Last update: 1 February 2016

    The Averaged Surface Temperature (AST) Product contains averaged geophysical data at two different resolutions, and with respect to two different averaging schemes. Measurement data sets at resolutions of 0.5 by 0.5 degrees and 10 by 10 arcmin with respect to a latitude/longitude grid provide continuity with existing ATSR products.

    Other data sets contain data averaged over equal area cells of 50 by 50 km and 17 by 17 km aligned with the satellite ground track. Both top-of-atmosphere and surface data sets are provided. The surface temperature data sets provide, for sea cells, nadir and dual view sea surface temperatures, and for land cells, land surface temperature and NDVI. Cloud data is also included. No ADS are included in the AST product; auxiliary data is contained within the MDS. The data sets of the AST product are arranged by surface type and resolution.

    This product is a continuation of ERS ATSR data.

    The 3rd reprocessing of AATSR data has been performed; the processing updates that have been put in place and the expected scientific improvements are outlined in full in the User Note for the Third Envisat AATSR Reprocessing.

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: 2002-05-20 - 2012-04-08
    Processing level
    Level 2
    How to access this data

    Reprocessed data
    The complete AATSR archive is available online (FTP access) upon Fast Registration.

    See related news on the (A)ATSR 3rd Reprocessing of 06 September 2013

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions
    Auxiliary data
    AATSR auxiliary data
    Available via SPPA


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