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2014 Dragon Symposium

The 2014 Dragon Symposium will take place from 26 to 29 May 2014 in Chengdu, P.R. China. The Dragon 3 teams will report on their mid-term results, inform on their EO data requests. The mid-term results will be published as a joint proceedings, ESA SP-724.

Ocean Remote Sensing Course 2013

The 2013 Dragon cooperation Advanced Training Course in Ocean Remote Sensing took place from 21 to 26 October 2013 and was hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China. The course was taught by leading Dragon PIs.

2013 Dragon Brochure

The 2013 edition of the Dragon cooperation brochure has been published and informs on management of the programme, data delivery and some early results from the projects' teams. The brochure is available for download

Minimize Access to ESA EO data

1. ESA & TPM data freely available on-line

Access for registered users (with EO-SSO account)

Once registered, repeat steps A & B above

2. Restrained ESA & TPM data (via EOLI-SA using your dragon 3 account)

  • Download at EOLI-SA
  • Login to EOLI-SA
  • Identify scenes required
  • Place your order
Minimize Access to Chinese EO data

1. Download by internet following registration

  • A. FY 2 and 3 satellite data, register at: NSMC
  • B. CBERS-01/02 and HJ-1A/1B (/1C when operational) satellite data, register for Chinese users at: CRESDA
  • C. HY-1 B & HY-2, register for Chinese & international users:
    NSOAS Home
    NSOAS Products

2. Data ordering by NRSCC

  • Providing data requests to NRSCC Dragon office for ordering the following Chinese EO data (email:
    • Beijing-1 (and 2 when operational)
    • CO2 mission (when operational)
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