Minimize Organisation

The Symposium is organised in 6 thematic workshops. Each thematic workshop will show:

  • Abstracts’ submissions
  • Results presentations and posters
  • Round table discussions with seed questions prepared by the Dragon PIs working on the thematic
  • Reporting on outputs from the round table discussions will be done in the Symposium plenary
  • Preparation of papers for the mid-term results proceedings.

See the overview programme for the workshops’ organisation.


  • Report on progress & results at the mid-term stage of the Dragon 3 programme
  • Inform on scientific exchange and role of young scientists
  • Preparation for new missions, data planning & requests
  • Prepare for next phase of Dragon (2016 on...)
  • Publication of papers in the ESA and NRSCC mid-term results proceedings


The workshop will focus around the following 6 themes:

  • Atmosphere & Climate
  • Oceans & Coastal Zones
  • Cryosphere & Hydrology
  • Geoid & Terrain Measurement
  • Forest Mapping & Retrievals
  • Land & Environment